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Materials: Terrazzo

Terrazzo is extremely versatile and is particularly suitable for floors. It is extremely resilient and can be used in heavily trafficked areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, airports etc.

Terrazzo has been used for many hundreds of years and was originally produced by hand. Modern terrazzo is still hand made for pre-cast products but floors are now laid with tiles. After the initial tiling floors are polished by machine to produce the required finish from honed to high polished.

Terrazzo is a product comprising of Marble or Limestone chippings mixed with cement and then ground flat and polished to produce a virtually limitless number of colour options which can centre either on the chipping or the background of colour.

Because of it's durability, Terrazzo offers long term economy whilst giving exceptional opportunity to select colour variance.

It is available for both new lay and refurbishment projects. Midland Marble have vast experience in Terrazzo refurbishment work, for re-grinding, removal, replacement and in-situ repairs.

Floors laid in Terrazzo are exceptionally easy to maintain. They can be re-surfaced several times, thus being "renewed" without the need to replace. Midland Marble can offer a complete selection, design, removal and installation service for any type of project.

A recent project covering six thousand sqaure metres at the Victoria Centre, Nottingham.